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Dental Office Network Systems Name Institution Dental Office Network Systems A robust and effective network is essential infrastructure that business organizations require to succeed in running their activities. In the scenario, there is no doubt that the new organizations require an elaborate and well-planned network that will release the potential of the employers.


Despite the robustness of the proposed network, the report will details its risks along with its benefits. Network Requirements The entire organization, which has five offices, must connect to a central repository where all data will be stored. Because of this reason, proposed network must have a server to store all files for the five offices. In addition, the need for a fast and reliable network calls for a fast network connection that supports high throughput such as T1 lines. In the new organization, four dentists are mobile, which calls for a provision of remote connectivity such as VPN along with switching services using routers and layer three switches. With the network responsible for securing patient’s data as per HIPPA laws, the network must allow data encryption and authentication of users who access the network. Safety of Information Safety of patient’s data is an paramount goal the proposed network must address effectively. Since the organization will be dealing with crucial information about patients, all information about patients including admission and treatment records be safe and secure. This will be possible if the files server will encrypt data using encryption such as EAS. ...
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