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Biometrics is the ultramodern means of identification of individuals based on their biological as well as behavioral characteristics. Biometrics had been a popular topic of debate for a while especially in choosing it as the technology for security checks and access control.


As Jain, Bolle and Pankanti (n.d) point out, biometrics will gradually become a prime appurtenance in identification technology especially for the following reasons: repeatedly falling prices of biometric sensors, advancement in the underlying technology, increasing awareness among the public regarding the merits and demerits of the technology as such. But a strong voice had been rising against the implementation of biometrics especially regarding the threat posed by it to privacy of persons. Biometric scanners which were in use in some airports in the U.S. were greatly criticized for the reason that security officers could observe the naked figures of the passengers through the scanner, and it is said that biometric scanners can even detect if a woman is pregnant. And this in fact is the biggest challenge the technology has to overcome in order to be globally practical. Privacy is clearly a fundamental right of an individual. Hence, anything that invades ones privacy cannot be supported. Biometric methods have both positive and negative impacts on the privacy of a person. It enhances the control of the individual over his/her personal information thus reducing the likeliness of identifying theft. ...
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