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Essay example - The below figures from the UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that in 2011 sales of hybrid vehicles were signifi

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Design & Technology
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Topic - The below figures from the UK Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that in 2011 sales of hybrid vehicles were significantly higher than those of electric vehicles, although sales of electric vehicles increased as new models were launched Introduction An idea is created out of needs…

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The hybrid cars were less pollution causing in nature and run on biodiesel fuels. Thus the basic idea of petrol driven cars remained the same but it was innovated in a different environment friendly form. Diffusion of innovative products and factors influencing the tradeoffs According to the sales figures in UK in 2011, there was a reduction in the number of electric vehicles over the hybrid vehicles. Trade off is the system where certain features of a product are left out for the sake of some other feature. In case of innovative products like the carts there can be many features which might not be at par with the market conditions, economical scenario and environmental aspects. There can be a number of tradeoffs seen in the supply chain management system in marketing. There can be situations where the supplier of innovative cars may wish to transport in bulk but this might not be in accordance with the market scenario if the conditions in the market are grim. There can also be situations where the supplier might have to face an increased lead time. Sometimes, the supplier of cars may also wish to ship directly to the customer to save costs and time (Stevenson, 525). Apart from these, there can be tradeoffs in the design of the innovative product too. ...
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