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Jamieson 1 Tesfa Merdekiyos Jamieson [Professor’s Complete Name] [Subject Description] 09 October 2012 Drivers and Barriers in the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies in the United Kingdom Introduction Over the last decades, the industrial revolution and the massive burning of fossil fuels have contributed tremendously to the carbon dioxide emissions.


A huge proportion of the world's energy resources come from natural gases, fossil fuels, and nuclear fuels. These types of energy sources emit harmful chemicals and residues in the atmosphere, on the soil and in various bodies of water, which are harmful to the environment. Recent studies estimate that the demand for energy will increase affectedly within the next few decades. Many scientists around the world agonise over the postulated insufficiency of natural gases which are now considered to be finite and unsustainable. Also, global environmental problems like global warming call for cleaner energy sources in order to preclude degenerative developments in the world's environmental conditions. The running down of United Kingdom’s vast energy resources, along with the forecasted escalation of the world’s energy consumption imperils its energy security. Jamieson 2 Sole reliance on fossil and nuclear fuels voids its commitment to reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions. The national government now turns to exploiting renewable energy sources that will increase energy supply. The adoption of renewable energy will also help in the decarbonisation of the atmosphere using Carbon and Capture Technology. ...
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