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Stephanie Brooks-chin Professor: Rees Shad Course: Digital Design 102A Date: 10/30/12 InForm: Turning Data into Meaning The Adobe Museum of Digital Media (AMDM) is one of the most interactive museums I have ever visited. The museum is located in the remote Island of New York City and is open every day of the year.


It thus preserves showcases talent and encourages artists to strive to produce excellent pieces in the form of digital media. The museum is also dedicated to providing an opportunity for experts to offer commentaries on how the culture and society is influenced by digital media (Adobe Museum of Digital Media par. 3). The museum has established a favorable relationship with the software company, Adobe Inc. with the possibility of encouraging the use of software products made by the latter. There are several things to expect from AMDM since it hosts exhibits drawn from different fields, ranging from photography to product improvement and mass media. What is fascinating about the show is that the exhibits are always presented by guest presenters who are recognized for their exceptional leadership in the field of technology, art or business according to Adobe Museum of Digital Media (par. 3). The museum is, therefore, an ideal place for showcasing and viewing digital media since the space is entirely digitalized. I once attended “InForm: Turning Data Into Meaning,” presented by artist, Thomas Goetz on September 13, 2011. Organized by AMDM, and presented at the Museum of Modern Art in 11 West 53rd Street New York, NY 10019, the lively exhibition featured various artistic works. ...
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