Overview of IS risk Assessment Part 11

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Full Paper Title Name University Risk Assessment Computer network risk Assessment framework takes a holistic approach for accessing risks, threats and vulnerabilities of the organization’s information technology architecture. Likewise, this essential function incorporates a risk management framework led by a steering committee.


The second step is to take the asset owners on board and define an asset classification scheme. This asset classification scheme defines the severity of all assets along with a value. This value will identify information assets connected on the computer network. Three of the important aspects that make the risk management framework recognizable are vulnerabilities, threats and exploits. Vulnerabilities are defined as weaknesses in a system, network, workstation, or server. This weakness can be exploited by a virus, Trojan, work, malware etc. Likewise, vulnerabilities are not inherent, as they can be created by poorly managing patch management procedures, operating system critical updates procedures, virus definition updates procedures, no adequate rules on firewall etc. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by threats such as a weak hole in an operating system can be exploited by a worm or virus attack. Threats are the known viruses, Trojans, root kits, malware, adware, spyware etc. Following are the result of Risk Assessment performed that will be used by Incident management group for activation of business continuity plan. Business continuity plan is develop to mitigate threats that have low probability of occurrence but high impact. ...
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