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Design & Technology Author October 23, 2012 The development of technology-based products requires a much more complex process that integrates both technical and management sides of a business. It is often three-fold: the product development per se, adherence to particular regulations and ISO requirements, and introducing it to the market to ensure its market success.


In the article Twenty Key Elements of a Product Realization Process, much was said about designing for performance, reliability, performance and cost; value and concurrent engineering. More than two thirds of the whole process is reliant on the technical designing and development. This is where the success of the product and the whole marketing project relies on. Product development entails in itself an end-to-end process of system requirement evaluation, business analysis, design and user testing. Among the twenty key elements include systems perspective and design for assembly. In the course of design, it is also important to consider ease of production, such that knowledge transfer would be effortless and seamless. The success in design does not only pertain to the product’s usability, but also to the benefits it will entail the developers and manufacturers themselves. There are time and function-considerations from the manufacturer’s point of view. A striking balance between timeliness and functionality must be met for the team to say that they have reached their objectives. Designing for cost means creating products that are cost efficient, which in turn, will benefit the users as these may be passed on with relatively lower cost than those of the competition, but with a much higher functional value. ...
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