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 People’s tastes in digital culture  Sherry Turkle describes an encounter with Chatroulette. What do you think? Is this typical of today's digi tech culture? How do you see the developments in the near future? Sherry Turkle has used her knowledge, observation to a critical review of how the internet and modern times technology is molding the life of people all around.


This is a characteristic feature of modern times social networking sites, where people sitting in two different parts of the world are in contact yet people who are side by neighbors, or even in single apartment don’t get to know and hear from each other for days. The response and the approach observed by her is highly reflective of how the overall contacts are being handled and conducted in modern times. So much so, it has eliminated the need for traveling and seeing the people who are at other places. This technological shift has enabled watching and getting in touch with people who are not just across the border, but also across the ocean and across the continent. With technology taking over every domain of life and society, this trend is bound to increase its scope and everything and every individual is bound to become more digital in coming times(Turkle, 2011). Out of all it can be deduced that there is no digital divide yet there is a massive physical divide and it is bound to get ripe and more visible as the technology penetrates more into our life with times ahead. ...
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