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Research Paper example - What Is Authenticity In The Era Of Digital Technology?

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What Is Authenticity In The Era Of Digital Technology? Research Paper example
Research Paper
Design & Technology
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We live in the age of digital technology and the present generation is addicted to the use of technology due to which a vast amount of research is carried out over the past many years regarding multiple kinds of effects produced by it on human life. …

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Communication in the present age also known as digital communication is not one by which information is shared between two people as it is only reflective of exchange of data.
Cellular phones which were seldom seen only a few years back are now seen everywhere providing excellent means of facilitated communication between people and the Internet has also played a revolutionary role in helping people access anything in the world through only a few clicks.
Research has repeatedly stressed that teen involvement in different types of electronic activities like chatting either via cellular phones or the internet has increased to such an extent that the youth presently has become extremely obsessive with using various communicative media. Burge’s research is worth mentioning here as it deals with highlighting how people in relationships engage in emotional communication via different media like the internet, cellular phones, and visual texts. This research is based on contemplating how technology influences the coordination between two people in a relationship.
For this purpose, people’s behavior when they interact via communicative media is observed and later assessed with the help of their internal experiences. The purpose of this research paper is also to evaluate the relationship between technology and communication in an attempt to answer the bigger question of what is authenticity in the present digital age.
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