The Security Professional and their role in Emergency, Disaster and Contingency Planning

The Security Professional and their role in Emergency, Disaster and Contingency Planning Essay example
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Title: SECURITY PROFESSIONALS Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract A nation can be termed as developed if it has appropriate security measures put in place to take care of emergencies, disasters or predicted contingencies. This would imply that it should have resourceful and well skilled security professional to handle any eventuality that may occur at any given time.


It also explains the measures and techniques that the security professional use to handle different emergencies or disasters. An emergency refers to an unforeseen combination of circumstances whose resulting states of nature require immediate attention and actions. An emergency may be serious to the extent that if no immediate attention is provided, it can result to crucial and fatal situations. A contingency, on the other hand, refers to an event that has the possibility of either occurring or not occurring in the future as predicted. A disaster can occur if people live near hazardous areas like unstable slopes where landslides are most likely to happen active volcanoes or close to rivers that are likely to burst and flood any minute. Introduction Security professionals are a group of low voltage contractors, individuals, or firms that specialize in the installation of security systems (Fischer, 2008). These systems are installed either at homes, offices, business premises, military camps, or even sport centers and clubs. Security professional also engage in maintenance and servicing of the security systems installed at any given destination. ...
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