Communication technology and its impact on social interaction

Communication technology and its impact on social interaction Research Paper example
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IMPACTS OF SKYPE ON SOCIAL INTERACTION Name Design and Technology Name of Instructor Date Communication entails the act via which information, thoughts and ideas are passed from one party to another. For such interactions to occur there must be a medium, that is when the parties are not capable of meeting face to face.


The Skype video chat was created in the year 2003 in a media class at the John Hopkins University.1 It allows people to chat via its text chat feature and make audio/video calls, all of which is a free service. This explains the fact that popularity of Skype has grown tremendously since its creation. Coupled with this vital feature are its added features including the ability to send contacts, screen-sharing and multiplayer games. Skype has no age restriction for its users. Anyone can use this technology unlike other networking sites that have a strict restriction on those using their sites and applications. In the context of business dealings, face to face interactions have the potential of making the best out of the respective situation.2 A better deal is possible when all the concerned parties meet face to face. This is because these interactions aid in relationship building between prospective clients, partners, investors and employees. Skype is not limited by geographical localities; the threshold requirement is the access to internet. Thus, Skype aids in the building of a tight-knit business community. Since the introduction of Skype, firms and individuals, who use this application, have incurred reduced communication costs. As a result, rate and number of interactions using Skype have increased. ...
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