Communication technology and its impact on social interaction

Communication technology and its impact on social interaction Research Paper example
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(Name) (Educational Institution) (Course) (Date) ‘Communication technology and its impact on social interaction’ With technological advancements, communications between individuals have actually taken another dimension of existence. People have plenty of modes for communication than ever before.


The only worry that has befallen the communication and technology industry is wether the quality of communication is increasing or decreasing. Technology has been able to develop working conditions in all industries; personal interactions have been shaped, and more so, the aspect of the social networking through social sites has taken over the communication industry.1 This topic tries to expound on the technology employed in communication from a social interaction perspective. This process does not precisely refer to face-to-face interaction, but as opposed to technology, mediates interaction. In another case, the main aim of this study is to try and explain why the degree of collective innovation within the work communities has decreased and the way work place interactions has become more functional. The need to expand new competences caused social tension and conflicts. On the other hand, the introduction of technology seems to have been the long awaited answer to people’s problems. These problems are like information problem solving that was elicited in a hoc way and took place mainly evolving, but in some cases also stable social networks. In this case, the information communication technology has both negative and positive effects on the users. ...
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