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Site Plan Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Site Plan For a business to prosper, there are various factors that have to be considered. Some of these include the location, the target group, and proximity to raw materials among others. In this regard, a business proprietor has to conduct a research regarding the above mentioned factors in order to choose the most suitable location.


Such information can be acquired by conducting a SWOT analysis of the business in attempts to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting the business. This work evaluates the provided plan of a proposed cupcake shop along the beach by using the SWOT Analysis. In any business, it is vital to assess the industry in order to be fully informed of the requirements. It is essential to have credible information regarding the targeted customers and their needs. The intended business has to meet and satisfy the needs of the targeted customers. If the business achieves this objective efficiently, chances of success are high. Therefore, as far as this proposed business is concerned, SWOT analysis will provide the necessary information to make the business a success. Strengths The site location’s strength is based on the demographics of the area. The demographics, according to Russ (2009) give a person the idea of the population surrounding the area. Since the site is supposed to host a cup cake studio, the area demographics, which includes the beach, is suited for the site location. People of different age groups love the beach, and this is an opportunity to serve these people with cupcakes. ...
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