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Preventing a Brave New World Name Institution Date Introduction The current world has advanced in technology and thought to an extent that some unethical acts are either not recognized as unethical, or are accepted in the society in the name of freedom, modernity, preserving life and so many other reasons.


He argues that whatever scientists call ‘therapeutic cloning’, is the use of embryos as a font of tissues (Kass, 2001, p. 327). He also offers some reasons against cloning which covers both reproductive and therapeutic cloning. In his arguments against cloning, Kass advocates for ethical practice in biomedical projects. His views however, may face some challenges. In this essay, the discussion will cover Kass’ reasons for advocating for a ban on human cloning, and the strengths and weaknesses of his argument. Kass’ Reasons against Human Cloning Kass has four reasons against human cloning. That the process of cloning humans is unethical, because the child to-be is used in an experiment that subjects him or her to risks of developmental and bodily abnormalities. That cloning threatens individuality and confuses identity. The clone is made from a genotype that has already lived. This denies the cloned individual his or her individuality. The process of cloning results in an individual that could be a twin to the person he/she should refer to as a mother or a father. It means the clone’s relation to the parent is confused. That cloning is a way of turning procreation into manufacture, and that it is a major form of child abuse and parental tyranny (Kass, 2001, p. 324-328). ...
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