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Ethics and Global climate change WK6 assignment

579); and (2) the sink consideration where it was expounded that “the developed countries have largely exhausted the capacity in the process of industrializing and so have, in effect, denied other countries the opportunity to use “their shares.” On this view, justice seems to require that the developed countries compensate the less developed for this overuse” (Gardiner, 2004, p. 580). Do you find his rationales singly or collectively persuasive? One strongly finds Gardiner’s rationales collectively persuasive. His explanations were accurately justified that developed countries have the responsibility to pay most of the costs for addressing global warming since the root causes and contributory factors were allegedly instigated by them. These two rationales were noted to be distinct, yet, compatible. The historical considerations were viable and easily understood to be directly contributory to the amount and extent of global warming through the emissions excreted to the earth’s atmosphere as a result of industrialization. ...
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Ethics and Global Climate Change Name Institutional Affiliation Ethics and Global Climate Change Stephen Gardiner argues that the richer nations should pay most of the costs for addressing global warming. What are Gardiner's strongest reasons for believing this?…
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