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In his book, Norman D. “Emotional Design”, modern cognitive scientific research findings have demonstrated that good design principles have both cognition and affective processes worked out together to achieve some priorities.


In his book, Wittkower expresses that the new technological inversion used in the development of iPod is a symbolic improvement and creation of change as is and will ever be experienced in the media industry. Inductively, the use of iPod is seen and experienced to unanimously present both the old and young minds as equal in its use by considering such an invention in design and an innovation in technology as a resultant of rapid information, communication, and entertainment technologies to them (users) as individuals, technologically advanced society, and the unique cultural practices in this twenty-first century. The concepts of philosophy and iPod are intertwine with a core relationship of mediation that explains the extent to which this technology together with its users-everyday’s lives and the general economy are dependent; a true significance of change. IPod technology has to its highest levels exploited the application of emotions in engagement of its users' experiences, and the seemingly intensified interplay that exists between non-purposeful and purposeful interactivities. In summary, the sole reason of ensuring all the three design aspects is that aesthetically well done designs help users to work even better. ...
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