Design a usable and interactive on-line DVD rental system

Design a usable and interactive on-line DVD rental system Coursework example
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Name Course Tutor Date Design a Usable and Interactive On-Line DVD Rental System Problem Statement The problem in this case is to develop an interactive online DVD rental system Needs Analysis Whereas there are already online DVD rental systems on the web, fewer people use them because they are PC based.


There is, therefore, need for development of an android mobile application for DVD rental. This will easy for movie lovers to rent DVDs without having to do it manually or using their PCs. New Ideas in Brief The new system will have an optional function that will occasionally update the user on the latest arrivals at the movie store. This will be done either by sending automatic short messages using the Short Messages Service or through email. In addition, the system will give users additional payment options. Existing Systems There are DVD rental systems that exist in the market. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of these are related to their user interfaces, the media of interaction between users and the core systems. One example of a system that already exists is A detailed analysis of user interfaces for using Nielsen’s Heuristics yields the following results: Visibility The application does not have a mechanism for keeping users updated on the progress they make while using the system. The developer should consider introducing progress bars in subsequent versions of their software. Familiarity (similarity of system with real world occurrences) did a good job to use icons and symbols that are easy to identify, learn, and remember. ...
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