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Digital Literacies and Teenagers

Internet plays a major role in the lives of adults and teenagers alike and the significance of the internet in a teenager's life increases with every day. Teenagers use internet in numerous ways. Internet and digital devices serve as a main source of entertainment to the teenagers. The need for internet becomes vital as long as there is a need for getting faster and in-depth information. The progressively growing internet and computers has become mandatory for teenagers in day to day life. Educators need to keep this in mind and give them a “head-start” (Thelen par.6) in school. Digital devices are a rage among young people today. Tablets, laptops and smart phones top the teen’s wish lists. MP3 players and other digital gadgets like play stations, palm tops are also widely used by many of today’s students. Digital literacy is a must for the present day teenagers. It is the wave of the future. Today's teenagers will be tomorrow's leaders and working members of the society. Teenagers who do not have digital literacy will find themselves far behind in the future. ...
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Subject 16 February 2013 Digital Literacy and Teenagers Introduction: The developments in information technology and computer science have made a great impact in the way people live and work in the 21st century. This is the digital age where people live in an information society and digital literacy is essential to take part in this society .The twenty first century also marked the start of a new era of technological advancements…
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