Bespoke tailoring/anthropometrics/3D body scanning

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Bespoke Tailoring, Anthropometrics and 3D Body Scanning Name Institution Bespoke Tailoring, Anthropometrics and 3D Body Scanning Effective and complete 3D body scanning systems for the human body digitalisation was initiated more than fifteen years ago. The major application of this 3D technology was first applied in the textile field that was highly related to the military industry (International Conference on Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering, Sobh, and Elleithy, 2006; p.


The success of the 3D scanning technology in the military industry made its application to be adopted and developed in other fields. Numerous research works were since exploited to expand the application of 3D body scanning technology in numerous commercial fields (Aldrich, 2012; p. 144). These projects led to the installation and start up projects to be initiated in different parts of the world with full body scanning systems being installed and located in places including shopping malls, detectable scanning centres, and boutiques. Notably, everything is virtually available for the exploitation of all the required hardware and solutions for full body scanning systems including the automatic and reliable software for extraction of the body measurements, high end and low end virtual try on systems, and web and e-kiosk solution for garments presentation (Gaso?s and Thoben, 2003; p. 34). Therefore, from these projects and applications, it is clear that 3D body scanning systems are effective in the tailoring industry. Despite the immense achievements that have been attained in the application of the 3D body technology, the systems have not achieved complete solutions for full commercial exploitations and applications. ...
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