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Fashion and Style in United States Name Institution Fashion and Style in United States Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Media 2.1 Bettina Ballard 2.2 Carmel Snow 2.3 Sarah Jessica 3. Conclusion 4. References and Bibliography How did the media, particularly fashion magazines and film, help to disseminate both America fashion and American ideals of beauty in the mid-to late 20th century?


For instance, Flaunt magazine was an American fashion magazine. It published issues regarding luxury fashion but grew to lifestyle publication. It was distributed in 32 countries with 10 publications per year2. Media puts into consideration customs, traditions and expressions bound by laws of a country3. The United States of America experienced varied trends in fashion over the years. In the twentieth century, the United States of America accepted African American rights as resettled into a mostly Caucasian culture, mixing the two cultures which affected fashion and the Afro got seen in mainstream America in the latter 1960s. For example, James Brown influenced afro to be a fashion statement by recording the song “Say It Loud-Am Black and Am Proud”. This got reinforced by its use in the novel and film The Commitments used statements of James Brown song in 19874. Film and novel are forms of media that disseminate fashion. Media an especially magazine such as Flaunt portrayed American standard of life has being exceptionally high, therefore, leading the world in life and style. Many people in other countries who lead magazines and watched American films tried to copy those fashions. ...
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