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Name Professor Design and Technology Date Statement Purpose: Educational Technology and Leadership Reasons for pursuing Education technology and Leadership relates to willingness for increasing competence and capability through improved quality of education.


The source of motivation for choosing to pursue a course in this field is the need to acquire technological a leadership skills that can assist in coping with the highly dynamic pace in educational field. In fact, this is requiring educational leaders to integrate new emerging media into growing educational needs. Concentration on education technology leadership can assist in preparing a platform to apply theoretical and skills needed for taking to a role as a technological leader in educational careers. Therefore, undertaking this cause can assist in gathering experiences in education field in a way that can facilitate creation of an environment, which is supportive. Some expertise and accomplishment in my major field of study relates to skills and information that I have gathered; in fact, this knowledge has been gathered through experience and knowledge in mentorship of other educators. Therefore, this has increased the chances of becoming an educator in the next generation. I have engaged in critical success factors in that facilitate success in schools, through commitment aimed at assisting schools that are struggling with educators. ...
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