Dissertation sample - An Elite Art Form Vs. Precision Engineering: The Contemporary Bespoke Debate

An Elite Art Form Vs. Precision Engineering: The Contemporary Bespoke Debate Dissertation example
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An Elite Art Form vs. Precision Engineering: The Contemporary Bespoke Debate Name Institution An Elite Art Form vs. Precision Engineering: The Contemporary Bespoke Debate Analysis The word Bespoke may be defined as ordering items to be made with certain specific specifications…


The main significance of this technique was first realized in the nineteenth century with the advent of revolutions especially the industrial technology particularly in line with cloth manufacturing including the ready to wear fashion industry (Cai, 2008). Development of bespoke techniques led to the advent of new, effective, and technological enabled tailoring techniques in the fashion and garment industries. Despite the challenges and misuse as well as the misinterpretation of the word bespoke over time, the bespoke techniques have developed over time thereby making clothing measurement being a simple technique especially with improvement in technology. It should be noted that the 2008 court case thereafter the verdict regarding the use of the word bespoke and its application led to immense developments in bespoke techniques (FAN, YU, W, and Hunter, 2004). The verdict of this case was in the favour of Sartoriani London where the judgment stated that it would not be expected that all suits made from hand should be from the scratch entirely. This verdict led to a fashion movement that led to series of made to measure suits retailers that moved into the bespoke market. However, the customers’ requirements remained the factors upon which designing and developing their suits were based (Preedy, 2012). ...
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