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Author’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Name Date Search Engine Optimization In search engine optimization, there are a number of strategies that are applied to ensure that a website is visible to search engines and that once internet users send a query to the search engine, information returned is relevant.


This is to mean that, white hats use terms appropriately to ensure that their websites are visible. On the other hand, black fill their websites with content or words that get plenty of hits from search engines. White hats, when compared to black hats have distinct characteristics that put them apart in favor or against one another as one of the uses unscrupulous means and makes attractive promises (Creative Momentum 1). In relation to white hat search engine optimization, it follows regulations and guidelines to the letter, as provided by search engines to ensure that websites are visible to all that require information from them. This includes careful use of words that get numerous hits from search engines such that the words used are not meant to bloat documents or articles in the website. Instead, the words used are of a unique nature in that they are informative and, at times, act as support words for the whole article and not for exploiting the abilities of search engines. As such, websites are designed with certain aspects in mind; these include rules and norms, as well as a code of ethics to ensure that all internet activities are conducted with transparency. ...
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