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Multimedia & Design Name: Institution 1. The Importance of experiences and emotions (Norman) Emotional appreciation is an important aspect recognized by Don Norman. He discusses the experiences of people according to visceral, behavioral as well as reflective elements.


It is at the reflective level whereby issues of self-worth and personal values are found. With regard to Don Norman’s scheme, I believe that it is important to separate things such as visceral or aesthetic appreciation. Emotional appreciation is a very important element of life, brought about by emotion. Without emotion, people’s thoughts, feelings, therefore behaviors, would be made worse (Norman, 2004). Don Norman does not overcomplicate the importance of emotional appreciation. This is because he attribute recent advances in the scientific field when understanding the brain to his view on aesthetics and pleasure in design. Drawing a line between the systems affect and cognition of processing information, he, however, proposes that they are actually intertwined. It is the affective system that has the responsibility of making quick judgments as well as quick decisions, and helps analyze the objects available in the current environment, whether good, bad or dangerous. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the cognitive system to interpret and understand the environment. It is for this reason that emotions are usually the conscious experience of affect. Based on given experiences and situations, the emotional system can prepare and modify the body as the cognitive system seeks to survey the changes. Therefore, the emotional system stage-manages cognitive processes and in the end, changes the way people think. ...
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