Text Analysis on the Tribal Drum ( radio ) from it's historical background to the future of the radio.

Text Analysis on the Tribal Drum ( radio ) from it
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Tribal Drum (Radio) By: Name Course Instructor University Location Date Introduction Ever listened to a radio? The magic of its transmission of voices, instruments, animal sounds, machinery and even nature is astounding. These sounds are transmitted via electromagnetic radiation thus radio can be defined as the wireless medium that transmits signals through electromagnetic radiation on an invisible frequency.


Radio was first invented in the 1860s, but the real radio became alive in 1866. This was demonstrated by Mahlon Loomis an American dentist. Body The article explains about the tribal drum, which is the radio. England and America were against the radio but could not evade its tribal magic. It was referred to as tribal since it brought the minds of people together. Radio had its monopolistic effects on the people, and as such much attention was put to radio especially in the totalitarian countries. Monopoly of the radio was brought about by the government in order to control the people. Although radio has monopolistic effects it cannot be counted to be part of the uses of radio and no inference can be made. Monopolistic effects have less social importance than is overall assumed. An example is Hitler who did not win by radio popularity as his enemies controlled radio but by the assurance of a somnambulist. Thus, even though the radio has controlling effects on people its impacts have less weight on the social preferences and importance. In a radio poll, an individual commented that he is more engrossed in radio than a book. ...
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