E-Business In The Context Of Galaxy Electronic Inc.

E-Business In The Context Of Galaxy Electronic Inc.  Essay example
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In the past few years, the use of the internet for carrying out business activities has increased to a massive extent. In fact, the majority of business organizations has already started making use of the internet to catch the attention of their customers.


In the same way, a large number of businesses that were operating traditionally have decided to move their business to the internet. Hence, the quick developments in information technology, particularly the use of internet in the form e-commerce (electronic commerce) and e-business (electronic business) in current years has influenced a large number of business organizations. In fact, e-commerce is believed to the most important and attractive internet supported ideas appeared in the recent times. In this scenario, electronic commerce engages carrying out business over the web with the help of computers that are connected to each other in order to form a network. In simple words, ecommerce deals with selling and buying products and services and transferring funds by making use of digital communications (EcommerceEducation, 2007; Hendershot, 2013).
In addition, both the trends e-commerce and e-business are used interchangeably. However, e-business is about the development of businesses which can be run on the Internet, or using Internet systems and technologies to enhance the profitability or productivity of a company. In other words, this term can be employed to explain some structure of electronic business: that is to say, a business that makes use of a computer. This practice is somewhat out-of-date, though, and in most of the cases e-business refers completely to an Internet based business. ...
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