The Therac-25 and Its Accident Investigation

The Therac-25 and Its Accident Investigation Case Study example
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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) The Therac-25 and Its Accident Investigation Several factors led to the Thera-25 accidents. The manufacturers were responsible for many of these factors that eventually caused death to the victims. Their engineering method was poor, for instance, they assigned a single programmer to the daunting task of creating the machine’s real time software which was very complex.


When u fix an old bug, it is highly likely that anew bug will develop. After fixing a bug, there is only a fifty per cent chance that the particular program will function over a similar length of time before failing, the same way it did before the bug was rectified. This means that the manufacturer’s claims that the machine’s safety was improved after it was fixed were totally unfounded. The manufacturer’s claim that the machine could never break down, even after getting and rectifying numerous problems was groundless. So long as the manufacturer had the conviction that the machine could never cause an overdose of radiation, they would not notice any deficiencies in their machine. As much as many people would love to point fingers at the manufacturer as the cause of the Therac-25 accidents, the technicians and operators who operated the machine also made some mistakes which caused the accident. For instance, it was somehow strange that the operators of the machine got comfortable running the machine despite the regular error notices it issued. The machine normally issued forty error notices in a single day. ...
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