The impact of graphic design on new media?(Graphic Design)

The impact of graphic design on new media?(Graphic Design) Dissertation example
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Graphic Design on New Media The Impact of Graphic Design on New Media Content Introduction Aims And Objective Chapter One 1.1 Definitions of Graphic Design and New media 1.2 Literature Survey 1.3 Research Methodology (Objectives, Methods of Data Collection, Limitations & Ethics Issue) Chapter Two 2.1 What Is Graphic Design and New Media 2.2 History Of Media 2.3 Different Types Of New Media 2.4 The Influence of New Media on Young Generation Chapter Three 3.1 Objectives 3.2 Research Methodology – Interviews 3.3 Research Methodology – Online surveys Chapter Four 4.1 Findings and new approach Conclusion Bibliography Image List Appendix Introduction Ever since the birth of the printing press,


The Internet, of course, has played a large part in this. Graphic design is intimately connected with new media – Engholm (2002) states that new media would not have risen to prominence as quickly as it did without graphic design. Therefore, the two concepts are interconnected. Because they are, it is important to discovery how one influences the other. In particular, this study seeks to find out how graphic design influences the consumers of new media. Especially important is the effect upon young people, because they are intimately connected. Young people have virtually always had new media in their lives, and, indeed, they tend to use new media to a profound level. New media is ubiquitous in their lives. To this end, the study focuses upon individuals who are purveyors of new media, yet, by and large, are not experts on graphic arts. They simply “like what they like.” Graphic arts might be a turnoff if not done correctly. ...
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