Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Essay example
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The Usability and Safety Aspects of the Defibrillator in Terms of Human Factors engineering. Name Institution The usability and safety aspects of the Defibrillator in terms of human factors engineering. The evolution of the world has been accompanied by new, varied concepts.


In contrast, the transformations in the current, evolving world have changed the whole scenario. In general, this is clearly depicted by concepts such as ergonomics, inclusivity, and work safety. As if not enough, desirable work place environments has shaped the manufacturing process in certain ways, including the necessitation of incorporation of aspects pertaining to efficiency, as well as a reduction of stress at the work place (Broberg,1997). Indeed, in the current world, ergonomic concepts and quality and safety of the equipment are arguably inseparable. Ergonomics concepts are inclined on coming up with designs of equipment and devises that are suitable for human operations. Thus, the objective of ergonomic concepts is to foster productivity while fulfilling the health requirements. As such, the relevance of ergonomic concepts is most appreciable when designing products and equipment, as well as machines that contain interfaces that are not only reliable, but easy for use (Beauchamin & Hays, 1996). Generally, there are several techniques and tools that are often used as approaches of human factors in addressing safety issues. These include usability testing, forcing functions, and standardization and resiliency efforts. ...
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