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The Usability and Safety Aspects of the Defibrillator

The essay "The Usability and Safety Aspects of the Defibrillator" talks about the structure of an automated external defibrillator and the aspects of its usage.
The evolution of the world has been accompanied by new, varied concepts. Needless to say, such variations have been felt in the way sets of equipment are designed. The manufacturing of sets of equipment has been persistently evolving. What appeared to matter so much, as far as the manufacturing of instruments was concerned, pertained to beauty and the size of the working of the instrument to enable it to serve the intended purposes. The transformations in the current, evolving world have changed the whole scenario. It is clearly depicted by concepts such as ergonomics, inclusivity, and work safety.
As if not enough, desirable workplace environments has shaped the manufacturing process in certain ways, including the necessitation of incorporation of aspects pertaining to efficiency, as well as a reduction of stress at the workplace. Indeed, in the current world, ergonomic concepts and quality and safety of the equipment are arguably inseparable. Ergonomics concepts are inclined on coming up with designs of equipment and devices that are suitable for human operations. The objective of ergonomic concepts is to foster productivity while fulfilling the health requirements. The relevance of ergonomic concepts is most appreciable when designing products and equipment, as well as machines that contain interfaces that are not only reliable but easy to use. ...
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This essay talks about the various aspects of the automated external defibrillator usage. This paper overviews usability and safety aspects, mechanical and electric failures (they should protect against shocks), biocompatibility i.e. the investigation of any material has to involve…
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