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Sense of Lost Love

The paper will take a linear narrative model, where I will start of the application process, outline the steps in the middle of the body, and end the project at the publishing phase. Section 2: The step By step Tutorial Guide The Pre-production Phase Brief The first step in the pre-production step is gathering the information and equipment or requirements needed for the application. I first of all determined the different forms of playback that will be met by the animation. Some of the delivery formats that I considered include the following: Format Resolution (pixels) Frames per Second HDTV (1080i) 1920 x1080 30 HDTV (720p) 1280 x 720 30 DVD 720 x 480 29.97 Web 480 x 320 24 PowerPoint Video 800 x 600 24-30 CD-ROM 640 x 480 24 Print image (8.5” x 11”) 2550 x 3300 N/A Retrieved from, From the above table, it is clear that different formats differ in resolution requirements. I was also required to have an absolute schedule time and a working budget range. I had to ensure that I provide a quality product in the scheduled deadline, so my aim was to decide on the design budget range prior to storyboarding. Style sheet This part of the pre-production phase included giving the details of graphic images used in my framework and motion graphic. ...
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Sense of Love Name Institution Sense of Love The 3D Animation Framework Media The construction process Section 1: Introduction My CW1 is a 3D animation framework media, specifically designed for my business needs. The creation is for marketing products that have not yet been built…
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