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Human computer interaction: Effects of social media on e-learning Student name Human computer interaction: Effects of social media/networking on e-learning Introduction In today’s world, social media and social networks have created a surge in the sharing of vast amounts of information.


For students, this can be invaluable in finding information other than just inside their textbook and to also hear different versions, or sides, about how things are done and what the latest advances are in an area of interest (Signorelli, 2009). Additionally, college book publishers create networks for students as part of a college course which allows students to access supplementary information, such as the latest research reports and studies conducted by professional members of the field those students are currently studying. Some of these websites are only accessed by paying students in the course. Other sites are open to the public and can be researched 24/7. Several of these sites are the Smart, which is a free online art history collaboration of information; the University of North Texas Next Generation Education project, which is for students and faculty only; and connecting with other social media, such as Flickr to support the use of photography and images (Signorelli, 2009). What is also key about the course networks is that teachers are available for emails and forum chats, allowing for a faster response to student problems that might arise in homework or a project. This online interaction makes it a valuable tool for advancing communications between professors and students, thus enhancing the learning process to a new level not seen before. (Signorelli, 2009). ...
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