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New IT Technologies Paper New IT Technologies Paper Introduction The rapid development of technology worldwide has supported the improvement of communication and the rapid expansion of business activities in all industries. Three new types of IT technology are presented in this paper, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses.


1. New IT technologies - strengths and weaknesses 1a. Fiber Internet connection A Fiber Internet connection is based on the use of fiber optics instead of a cable. This mode of Internet connection has become quite popular as it is related to a series of advantages, as these advantages are described in a report published by HubTechInsider (2009): a) the bandwidth of such Internet connection is significantly higher than the traditional, cable, Internet connection, b) the fiber optics used in such Internet connection can be replaced offering even higher bandwidth, as available by Internet providers worldwide, c) the performance of fiber optics is not affected by electromagnetic signals; d) there is no way, or at least it is quite difficult, for accessing the data transmitted through a fiber Internet connection; the security risks related to fiber Internet connection are quite limited. In addition to the above, the fiber Internet connection offers to its users extremely high speed of connection (Fibre Noire 2012). ...
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