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CTV Building Collapse: Case Report Executive summary The growing environmental issues like global warming and climate change have notably changed the geological structure of the earth which in turn has increased the possibility of earthquakes.


A number of investigations were carried out to figure out the causes of the building collapse and all the investigation reports pointed to poor building design and construction operations. The principal engineer Alan Reay employed an inexperienced engineer (David Harding) for the building design. In addition, Reay did not supervise the operations of Harding and hence many potential defects in the construction process had gone unidentified. To worsen the problem, the construction manager failed to properly guide the building’s foreman. The Christchurch City Council issued a permit for this deficient building design under external pressure and also the local authorities issued a ‘green sticker’ for the CTV building following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in September 2010. As a result, the occupants of the CTV building believed that it can survive earthquakes of that range and hence they continued to stay in this building. This paper will identify the key role-players and stakeholders that can be associated with the CTV building and its consequences. This report will also analyze the key management and organizational factors related to the failure. Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Case analysis 2.1 Brief overview 2.2 Key role players and stakeholders 2.3 Management and organizational factors 3. Summary and conclusions 4. Recommendations 5. References ...
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