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Socrates, a classical Greek philosopher based in Athens, is an enigmatic figure about whom we only know through the works of his students such as Xenophon and Plato and through the works of the philosophers who came long after his death. Despite the enigma that surrounds his life and his teachings, Socrates is today considered by many scholars to be one of the fathers of Western philosophy.


The dialectic method of enquiry can be considered Socrates’ most lasting contribution to Western philosophy, which tended mostly to be applied when dealing with moral matters such as what was good and just within the society. The dialectic method, which Socrates used, was first described by Plato when he stated that in order to solve a problem; this problem would be split into a series of questions the answers to which would eventually create a logical solution (McCall 1935 – 1936). The scientific method that is used today is heavily influenced by Socrates’ dialectic method of enquiry because a hypothesis for the solution of a problem is often the first stage in the scientific method. Socrates’ development and practicing of the dialectic method is what has earned him his place as one of the fathers of Western philosophy as well as the creator of the study of political philosophy, and moral philosophy. Plato was a classical Greek philosopher who was based in Athens and was a student of Socrates, and is often considered the greatest of Socrates’ students. ...
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