Can the Existence of God be Proven Ontologically?

Can the Existence of God be Proven Ontologically? Essay example
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Can the Existence of God be Proven Ontologically? The subject of religion and more so, the existence of God, is always a sensitive topic, this might be because it is the very core of human life.


One of such theories is the ontological argument; in this paper I will argue that this theory is not enough to prove the existence of God. The ontological argument is priori; it seeks to explain the existence of a greater being using logic as to what the appreciative of the superior being that is God is. The theory was popularized by Anselm who used psalms 14 as his reference point and addressed the fool who says in his heart that God does not exist. He states that the fool hears and understands that there is a greater being although he does not understand its existence. Anselm purports that if it exists in one’s understanding then it can be made to exist in reality, which carries more weight. He clearly states that God is a being without which nothing greater exists and the fool understands this but does not believe that God does truly exist. Anselm’s theory is more or less based on deduction if the fool understands that a greater being does exist then it must exist, otherwise he would be contradicting himself. This theory is unsatisfactory in proving God’s existence since it claims that assuming that God does not exist leads to a contradiction, He must therefore exist. ...
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