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Food industry website reviews. - Essay Example

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This website mainly deals with providing information regarding various recipes and food items. It has also got search fields for finding recipes directly and also by occasion. The site is attractive and is a good source of information for food lovers…

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Food industry website reviews.

This website mainly deals with providing information regarding various recipes and food items. It has also got search fields for finding recipes directly and also by occasion. The site is attractive and is a good source of information for food lovers.It is quite obvious that the website is an extension of the ads that can be observed. The ad that is displayed on the home page ( . This site provides information that is quite contextual with the site. It offers information on the item sandwiches having low calorie content which is a part of the recipes that offers.The site not only offers information on food items but also offers updates, games and contests making it attractive for visitors. There must be more ads for this site. This would assist in promoting the site and also if there is a provision of home delivery of the food items via the site it would be a splendid one. Also there must be a provision for visitors to send their own recipes made by themselves. There must be a mail that would accept visitors recipes and select the best one and if possible reward them suitable. This would make this site excellent. Also games related to recipes must be provided. Also there must be a questionnaire field in which the visitors would ask questions related to recipes and receive suitable answers. The best field that could be included is a chat field that would help people to exchange ideas related to recipes. ...
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