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Instructional Strategies Concept 2 - Research Paper Example


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Instructional Strategies Concept 2

For this reason, tutors at the middle school level are sensitized on the importance or providing facts when in sessions (Grant, 2004). Additionally, Science is a subject based on facts and proven theories. When providing generative strategy for this prescription, teachers should stick to the curriculum when guiding students throughout the entire science project. Teaching concepts Teaching concepts refer to a set of particular symbols, objects, and events that can be classified together in terms of shared characteristics and referred to a similar name or symbol (Jackson, 2008). For instance, computers and adhesion. In teaching, concepts are important in Science projects since it helps students in classification of related objects or phenomena. According to Morrison (2011) developing teaching concepts is an easy task that any other prescription since tutors can easily classify theories and matter depending on their relativity to each other. Science revolves around concepts. For this reason, tutors can develop concepts for this particular project depending on the materials and composition of the project (Grant, 2004). For a middle school science project, a tutor may use one concept to develop the project from to reduce the complexity of the project. Teaching principle and rules Teaching principles are used to shape the behavior of tutors when in class or during sessions. This particular prescription acts as guide tool to personal behavior of tutors. Teaching principles revolve around

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creating a learning environment comfortable for all students. When developing a generative strategy for this prescription such guidelines should be provided (Keefe & Jenkins, 2008): Every pupil has a right to information Instructions should be clear and relevant Learning is a partnership between the tutor and the student Assessment should be purposeful and with no biasness Responsive environments help student engage in content and purpose of the project Teaching procedures This particular prescription is related to the provisions of the prescription on teaching principles. However, teaching procedures are provided depending on the curriculum and teaching activity rather than a tutor’s personality. In a Science project, a teaching procedure can be developed depending on the purpose of the project. For instance, the project may be based on developing a classification chart on insects depending on their characteristics. On this note, the procedure should be developed with regards to finding the set insects needed for the project. In an argument by Keefe & Jenkins (2008) teaching procedures can also be developed depending on the learning styles and concepts preferred by the learners. For instance, middle school students may prefer a learning style based on visual aids. This would help them understand the contents of the project and retain the information acquired. Teaching interpersonal skills This prescription refers to an involuntary characteristic of a tutor (Morris, 2011). For instance, a tutor may have exceptional skills in the field of science but lack the same in the field of math. Developing a generative strategy to support this prescription should be based on the strengths and weaknesses of a tutor. In relating this prescription to a middle school science project, the tutor in charge of the project should have exceptional


Instructional strategies Name Institutional affiliation Tutor Date Instructional strategies Teaching facts Teaching facts are prescriptions provided by tutors to learners based on logic that can be proven beyond reasonable doubts (Jackson, 2008). The author also points out teaching facts are mostly provided for in the teaching curriculum (Jackson, 2008)…
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Instructional Strategies Concept Paper 2 essay example
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