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Strategies to Build Culture - Assignment Example


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Strategies to Build Culture

These two articles focus on using relationship based professional development (RBPD) strategy in either the classroom or in a professional development setting. The paper provides a detail description of the strategy selected and summarizes the findings of the two research articles. It also discusses how this strategy may benefit the culture within our school or workplace to improve instruction. Relationship based professional development (RBPD) is an approach in which relationships are used as a tool for improving the quality of learning, and this strategy is effectively used in systems of professional development. ...
ionship Based Professional Development (RBPD) Strategy There are several elements which are integral part of RBPD strategies and some of them are: 1) “Specified qualifications or defined competencies for the skilled professional; 2) A defined outcome or purpose; program policies, procedures, and reporting mechanisms; 3) A tracking system; 4) And ongoing training and support (Bergman, 2011).” Types of Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) There are four types of Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) which are most commonly used. These four types may have different but similar titles and they are Coaching, Mentoring, Technical assistance and Consultation. Coaching Bushardt, Glascoff & Doty (2011) defined coaching as a relationship in an educational or work settings in which the expertise and skills of a person is used to develop skills of other person(s).

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It is used to enhance skills of an individual as well as to add more skills for professional and personal development. Coaching relationships are based on participation of clients for empowering their skills and developing accountability until desired results are achieved. Technical coaching and cognitive coaching are two most common examples of coaching. Coaching is defined as: “…an adult learning strategy that is used to build the capac­ity of a parent or colleague to improve existing abilities, develop new skills, and gain a deeper understanding of his or her practices for use in current and future situa­tions (Bergman, 2011).” Mentoring Mentoring is defined as a relationship in an educational or work setting in which the experience of a skilled person is partnered with others for their professional and personal development. Mentoring relationships aim to improve productivity of


Strategies to Build Culture RELATIONSHIP BASED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Table of Contents RELATIONSHIP BASED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT 3 Introduction 3 Elements of Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) Strategy 4 Types of Relationship Based Professional Development (RBPD) 4 Coaching 4 Mentoring 5 Technical assistance 5 Consultation 5 Conclusion 5 References 6 Strategies to Build Culture RELATIONSHIP BASED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Introduction There are various strategies which are used to build culture and the objective of this paper is to discuss one of the strategies used for building culture…
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Strategies to Build Culture essay example
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