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Assessment of learner's needs - Essay Example


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Assessment of learner's needs

Responses with the framework pillars Responses within the framework pillars include caring, critical thinking, communication, holism, and professionalism. Communication is key for any serious learning to take place, and so the education should be able to identify the multicultural diversity of the learners and ensure that there are no communication barriers. Critical thinking in nursing has been given high importance by different people. Jones in Potter & Perry’s state; ‘the ability to think critically through the application of knowledge and experience, problem solving and decision making is central to professional nursing practice.’ (Crisp, & Taylor, 2012). It is essential that educators ensure that learners have the ability think critically at all times. Professionalism should be observed at all times by the educator. It is also he has the duty to ensure that the learners understand the importance of professionalism in the nursing practice. The educator should be caring and understanding to the learner so as to create a favorable learning environment. All individuals linked to nursing discipline must abide by the core values. These core values hold a nurse responsible for the following; health promotion and healing in response to the human condition, respect of dignity and moral wholeness of every individual without conditions and or limitations, affirming the uniqueness of and differences among ethnicities and ideas, creating and implementing transformative strategies with daring ingenuity

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The average level of education in one region may for instance be different from people’s average level of education in another region. Similarly, differences may be noted within demographic factors such as age and gender. An example is the life expectancy of people within a town that may be different for men and women.
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However, campaigners say that, in spite of the controversy, more than one-third (1/3) of people claimed that they never heard of elder abuse. Roughly, nine of the ten community health nurses have encountered cases of elderly abuse. The Community as well as District Nursing Association (CDNA) researches discovered that, for the most part of cases, the abuse was wreaked by a family member, who is commonly the chief care giver (BBC News, 2003).
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The participants were mainly the parents of the students as well as the therapists who dealt with the students in their daily lives. This was mainly conducted through interviews. From the interviews with the parents, there were many findings in relation to
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Everything went well except that I immediately assumed that he would be receptive to any religious suggestions. Next time, I would not assume that everyone is a religious person who would readily welcome religious discussion because this posed an initial barrier
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(Wittmann-Price, & Godshall, 2009). NLN Nurse Educator competencies Nurse educators are in charge of creating a favorable environment, be it in the classroom, laboratory, and or clinical settings that facilitate student learning. It is necessary that, the educator be competent order to be able to cater for the learner’s needs. The educator should be in a position to come up with teaching strategies; that are effective in teaching and handling learner’s individual needs. In addition to that, the nurse educator must also strive to achieve the desired cognitive, psychomotor, and affective outcomes (National League for Nursing, 2005). Leaner population The subject of the learner module is nursing skills 1- vital signs. This module is necessary for the preparation of the learners in improving patient safety, as well as quality in a practical environment. Six competencies of quality nursing care and patient safety were identified. Nurse educator learner’s population is comprised of ten first year students. The number of people enrolling for high education in greatly increasing and, so it is likely that this number of term first year students could increase. This population is gender imbalanced, containing two men and eight women. This could be because nursing has been stereotyped as a woman’s job, and so most male learners opt to do other courses that are masculine by society. Other than the gender imbalance, there is a generational difference that is brought about by the qualifications needed to be a learner and also the fact that there is no age limit for one to be a learner. This is evident from the ages of the learning population. These individuals fall between the age brackets of 28 to 41 years but could go higher. This age difference brings about the need for new teaching strategies. Methods for assessing Assessing was done formally and informally. I gave informal assessment by having brief meetings with


Assessment of learner's needs Student Introduction Nursing education refers to the practice through which learning is made possible via curriculum design, teaching, evaluation, and any other professional activities undertaken by the staff…
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Assessment of learners needs essay example
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