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Citizenship Education - Term Paper Example


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Citizenship Education

Among the most common forms of civic education include adverts most of which seek to influence the consumer decisions. Additionally, governments also carry out extensive civic educations with the view of enlightening the population on particular occurrence that require collective decision making such as constitutional referendum among others (Levinson & Stevick, 2006). Australia is among the leading democracies in the world; as such, the nation understands the essence of collective decision making through such democratic processes as a referendum. The Australian government employs several techniques of civic education to achieve maximum influence on the population. The literate Australian has effective internet access and cable television connections (De Mooij, 2011). The government thus prefers to use the media to run detailed messages that have effective reach to the target population. Literature review The literature review section in a research contains valid information drawn from existing literature. The researcher compares the existing information to his research thus providing effective background to the study. An exhaustive literature review section connects the reserves determined problem to the previously existing information thus corroborating the information need. Existing literature includes books and professional journals among other approved sources containing valid information. Plagiarism refers to the deliberate copying of an individual’s work and claiming such as one’s.

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Plagiarism is not only unethical but a crime; the researcher must therefore read, conceptualize and redress the information from such sources thus developing unique concepts backed by the existing literature. The techniques use to prevent plagiarism include attribution and paraphrasing the information. Civic education is a fundamental aspect of management and governance, the Australian government has an effective national broadcaster, which helps the ministry of education to communicate to the people. Civic education in the country takes several forms and the government uses such techniques as the media to pass progressive messages with the view of influencing the mindset of the people. The government employs various media including radio, television and newspapers where it communicates structured messages that are easy to understand and conceptualize. The government always strives to regulate the public opinion a feature that makes mass media important owing to its massive access. The developed economy has had myriad problems such as the fire catastrophes that have necessitated the existence of an effective mechanism to help the government carry out extensive civic education (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond, 2011). To manipulate the public opinion, the government must ensure that they assume the agenda-setting role in the society a feature that makes the media one of the most effective civic education method. The government develops messages appropriately for the different channels thus communicating the messages to the people at appropriate times most probably at prime times when families watch the television. This way, it becomes possible to influence the public opinion thus drawing the interest of the public on prevailing issues. This helps develop interest thus making


Citizenship Education Name: Institution: Discuss the form of civic education that exists in Australia Introduction The introduction part of the research introduces the topical issues thus outlining the problem. This way, the researcher introduces the problem thus developing a clear thesis statement that supports his belief of the prevalent nature of the problem thus validating the investigation…
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Citizenship Education essay example
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