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Annotated Bibliography example - Education Trends, Theories, and Practices

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Annotated Bibliography
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Education Trends, Theories and Practices Annotated Bibliography: Abdelraheem, A. Y. (2003). Computer Learning Environments: Problems, Design Requirements and Future Promises. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 2(2). This research paper studies and analyzes the computerized learning environments and addresses various problems and challenges associated with the same such as those associated with their design and their impact on influencing the future of instructional technologies…

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This will help in expanding the current knowledge on the subject and apply it effectively in a classroom environment. They further claim that technology has immense potential to change the dynamics of the classrooms today and deliver effective solutions both in and outside the classrooms. Abromitis, J. (2002). Information Analyses. Trends in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, pp. 3-11. The increasing trend of assimilating technology within the field of education has led to various research on the subject. This paper addresses the various trends in instructional technology and discusses such critical aspect as the administrative support with regard to the use of technology in classrooms; various legislations and aids available to support and promote such use etc., among many others, which will help the policy makers in understanding the influence of technology in the field of education. ...
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