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Children with Tramatic Brain Injury

These disabilities are manifested in an array of characteristics depending on the location and extent of brain injury. They may also be permanent or temporary in nature where they can either cause total or partial psychosocial adjustment or functional disabilities. For instance, students with cognitive impairments suffer from long or short-term memory deficits thus remembering things and facts become quite difficult. Such students also suffer from impaired concentration and limited attention span. Therefore, they cannot engage in any activity for a long period of time even concentrating in class becomes difficult. Moreover, these students suffer from impaired perception where sequencing, judgment and planning pose serious problem. In addition, such children gravely suffer from communication problems which inhibit both their writing and reading skills. This is as a result of damage that occurs on the frontal lobes of the brain (Aimaretti & Ghigo, 2007).
TBI also manifests behavioral and emotional characteristics which include mood swings, lowered self-esteem, self-centeredness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, restlessness and nosedived motivation. They are also unable to control their emotions as at times they may excessively cry or laugh. As a result, they can neither self monitor nor relate well with others. This arises because of damage that occurs on the limbic system in the brain. ...Show more


In the paper “Children with Traumatic Brain Injury” the author analyzes cases of brain injuries among children that are mostly caused by falls, sports related injuries that occur on the head, abuse and motor vehicle accidents and not brain injuries that result during child birth…
Children with Tramatic Brain Injury essay example
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