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Educational System

The policy is then described and the changes made to date as well as the policy as it now stands are considered in the initial part of the discussion showing how the policy differs at present from its original version. The differences within the policy as seen in its earlier version and present version are studied to provide a better understanding of the meaning and influence of all aspects of the policy within education.
The next part of the article involves discussion in which evaluation and analysis is done to show whether the policy and framework is working within colleges, whether it has a functional value, whether there is any further room for diversity and change and whether the inspection framework is too rigid or too prescriptive. The results or consequences of using such a framework within educational settings are also discussed to show whether the colleges have changed or improved their standards of teaching in any way after the introduction of the framework. It is also worth discussing the advantages and disadvantages of introducing such inspection frameworks in colleges and whether teachers in colleges feel threatened by such frameworks and rigid inspection patterns and monitoring systems. ...
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This essay deals within an examination of the Common Inspection Framework and its significance for a further education college. For the purpose of the discussion, I will identify key themes in and influences of the policy on education and will further critically assess the impact of the policy on professional practice within the academic setting…
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