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Education and Communication

Everything has got transformed and the very way of how we live and how we understand has got changed. The advent of technology and computers has changed the very way the world moves. Distance is no longer a differentiating factor and a matter of concern. In physical sense this world might appear a big place with things at far off places but the world in virtual form doesn't believe in distance. Everything can be achieved within minutes if not seconds. The whole technology behind this mega change is based on computer and is termed as Information Technology. Details and information are getting transferred within few seconds. People in Shanghai and New York are just seconds away. Transferring data in electronic form is actually the fastest way to transfer things. It's not only the message transfer that has been revolutionized but also the business world. There are virtual shopping malls with website offering you a range of products ranging from computer peripherals to groceries.
Companies are now providing details of their product through their website and are accepting customers' requests of information and now even orders for products are being a ...
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The humans being the most intelligent creation of nature have a coherent tendency to explore and derive knowledge from everything that forms a part of its existence including healthy survival and secure development. This very nature of humans can be understood by what Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gamma did…
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