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The booksTwo kinds by Amy Tan and Whos Irish by Gish Jen - Book Report/Review Example


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The booksTwo kinds by Amy Tan and Whos Irish by Gish Jen

Chinese community in the USA is one of the largest ethnic groups in the country - in 2008, Chinese Americans accounted approximately 3.7 million people. This is why it is not surprising that a large number of scientific researches as well as imaginative literature are devoted to the relations of two quite different peoples and two absolutely different cultures. A good example for comparison of connections and interpenetration of American and Chinese way of life are the books by Amy Tan, “Two kinds” and Gish Jen “Who’s Irish”. Both of the writers are the second-generation Chinese Americans, both are successful self-made women, both are interested in Chinese-American relationships in the branch of culture and everyday life. The books deal with Chinese values represented by mothers’ generation and American values, represented by daughters. The differences in values are primarily based on the differences in mentality of the both countries. While Chinese older women are depicted as hard-working, conservative, strict and goal-oriented, the younger generation is obviously influenced by U.S. spirit of freedom. They are more light-minded, less conservative, more democratic and permissive.

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Two Kinds by Amy Tan
Name Instructor’s Name Course Date of Submission “Reflective essay on Two Kinds” “Two Kinds” is a short story written by Amy Tan. Analogy to the story in question, the subject matter depicts that there is a providence that shapes human destiny and in spite of the rough strokes of life, the figure in the end assumes beauty and perfection.
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Why is Jing-Mei Woo the Protagonist of the Joy Luck Club
There is a lot of evidence to justify Jing-mei’s consideration as the main character of The Joy Luck Club. The narratives Jing-mei makes essentially connect the successive generations of storytellers. In her speech, Jing-mei discusses Suyuan, who is her deceased mother along with herself.
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The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan

The author explains that Olivia is born of an American mother and Chinese father. At the age of six, she comes to know of her so-long undisclosed Chinese sister. Her father’s death-bed wish is to get his elder daughter, Kwan, over to America. After the father’s death, the 18-year old Kwan joins the reluctant American step-family.

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Chinese Characters America Circumstances
Tan's decision to have several mothers and daughters telling their different stories reflects her awareness of ethnicity as a constantly shifting social construct and her commitment to community. In four chapters, The Red Candle, The Rules of the Game; Four Directions and Double Face Amy Tan portrays that Waverly are apt to accept modern values and beliefs followed by the American society.
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Mother/Daughter Relationships in Literature
Both Suyuan (Tan, 1989) and Mama (Walker, 1973) identified strongly with their cultural heritage, while June (Jing Mei) and Dee appeared to reject this. The essay will first examine Alice Walker's Everyday Use (1973), then Amy Tan's Two Kinds from The Joy Luck Club (1989) to illustrate how the differences in cultural values impacted on relationships.
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The Three Kinds of Scientific Writings
She talks about the work of lead researcher Mark Wiesner on the need for new classification procedure for nano particles. He has, apparently constituted a review on basis of his study and is being quoted by the writer in her article. I found this particular article to be an about-science article because it is not written by the original experimenter or researcher of the particular procedure.
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Amy Tan's Two Kinds
Authors often use settings that are remarkably similar to places visited and create characters that are based on people they know. Such is the case when my acquaintance's husband, David, is compared with Mother in Amy Tan's "Two Kinds". "My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America" (Tan, 2006, p.
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Mythology and Symbolism in Irish Literature
The book report gives detailed information about such unique phenomenon of Irish literature, as dreaming and mythologizing. The researcher of this paper aims to analyze the history of its beginnings and that is it often used by Irish writers based on three literary works of W.B. Yeast, Brian Friel and Michael Longley.
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Kinds of Plains Cree Culture By Niels Winther Braroe
It has been primarily aimed by the author to create a reading material that would serve as an eye opener to the present human generation with regards the implicative existence of minor groups in the past so as to make a careful description as to how these groups were able to influence whatever culture, traditions and social understanding the present human generations recognizes today.
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Book review of Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace. 2014. Creativity, Inc. New York
A book demonstrates how to establish a creative culture. For almost a period of twenty years, Pixar has led the animation world. The movies of Pixar are an object lesson of what creativity entails. Catmull shows the
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America has always been a country, hospitably of which attract people from other countries. Being created by the colonists from Europe, the USA continues to build its power and superiority by hands of people arriving all over the world. …
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The booksTwo kinds by Amy Tan and Whos Irish by Gish Jen essay example
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