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Student Learning

If improperly done, the law has the right on the side of the customer and employer to cut down the wages until proven better in the way of handling the work(referring to the worker)if the worker does not efficiently prove him or herself worthy of the wages they get they are either fired or demoted or given a lesser salary or wages than the primary wages they have been given before the time of the inefficiency. The fact that workers could be differentiated among due to racial or religious backgrounds is uncontroversial but is not the purpose of this essay unless referred t o later on when wanted.
When a worker deals with the surrounding environment they are affected upon and affect upon and this is directly proportional or inversely proportional according to the manner that the environment is dealt with and how the worker is dealt with. ...
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This essay has two aspects discussed in two different styles. The first will be an analysis on what money,relations at work,self-psychology act and enact on a teacher's way of teaching,the second part shows how literature and journaling(which is a way of teaching teachers to become better educators)could affect one's mind based on theories self-deduced from the references used mentioned below which are shown in a literary form which pin point how people's ethics(both self and other) are affected and affect money begotten and spent and human behavior through daily behaviors about how to realize and reach a middle ground to be able to be an effective teacher-journalist in class in a class which…
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