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Effective use of information technology as a learning tool has transcended its boundary from being only desirable to achieve the status of bare necessity. It should be considered inexcusable should any educator overlook its power. As on-line learning expands, its impact will affect curriculum, instruction, society, and individual's personal lives and careers.


Technology driven online learning hasn't only changed the how's and why's of teacher pupil interaction rather it has place education through a virtual metamorphosis. As in the traditional system, the online faculty is also expected to have mastery over the discipline, but now the student retains the power to decide/control factors like time required for skill acquisition, learning conditions, demonstration of mastery etc. In this context, the researches are needed to find the impact of online learning practices, i.e. student motivation, achievement, study habits, overall personality, attitude to learning, tendency to drop out, teacher effectiveness etc. The proposed research is a small but focused step towards finding answers to questions related to the issue of large groups, development and expansion of class experience, identification and development of new forms designed to move away from mass-production teaching.
Online learning does not provide the spontaneous situations for learning through peer interaction. Traditional interaction between students, between teacher and student, between student and other employees like the librarian or bus driver will enter a new dynamic or become pass. ...
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