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A Vision for Aviation Education

 It’s difficult to imagine what the world will be like in 2026 since science, industry, and our culture seems to be evolving at an ever faster pace. Specific to the aviation industry, new technology will certainly have an impact on the design and properties of aircraft vehicles to how we can best educate future students. Based on the relatively short history of aviation to date, any perception of the future includes an expectation that there will be a much broader application of value and use of air travel. This form of transportation may be much more individualized and certainly more prevalent than today’s air travel. Students won’t be able to imagine a time when there was not instant access to ubiquitous air travel options in terms of time or destination. Of course, it is anticipated that strict regulations and automated safety protections in every aspect of aviation will mitigate risk in the crowded skyways. Specific to academic achievement, the process should provide the basis for both knowledge and practical application skill required to assist students in development of career goals. Both are required in order to possess the ability to perform at a basic level within industry core competency guidelines (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 2006). On a practical level, this includes conventional familiarity with the current technology, industry drivers, and enough strategic insight to construct a workable model for a tactical implementation plan within the parameters of the vision. ...
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This paper "A Vision for Aviation Education" is in association with the effort to advise aviation instructors of the year 2026 from the perspective of incoming freshmen and is a personal vision of the challenges facing aviation and aerospace education at a point in the future…
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