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Therefore we say that differentiation is the respect for individual differences among learners. There are certain ways on how I implement proper differentiation techniques.
At the onset, I set very clear learning goals. I explain the subject syllabi; the topics to be explained for the entire school year, the requirements for the class and expected students' learning outputs, the time table for every topic, and discuss my expectations from the class. Upon the start of every lesson, I lay down specific objectives. For instance, if I start the topic on Measurements I inform the class of the objectives which is after studying the lesson, they should be able to illustrate the development of measurement from primitive to the present international systems of units; and be familiar with the standards of measure. In this manner, the class is well informed of what to expect and enable them to prepare themselves for the tasks to come.
I pre-assess students; who are those lacking some precursor skills, who among those already know some, or a great deal about the topic ahead, what are the students' interests and how it can help them deal with the topics to be learned, and finally how students learn best. ...
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Teachers are said to be teaching human beings as well as subject content. That way, teachers should be aware that students differ in how they learn and that best teachers actively response to these differences. In the same manner, teachers differ too, and effective differentiation would possibly look a bit diverse across classrooms…
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